Monday, August 15, 2011

A word from God...

This was written for two people I love who were right in the middle of everything during the collapse at the Indiana State Fair. I prayed for God to send the right words to help heal the pain they are both feeling. Here's what He said...

You are hurting now, I hear your heart, your eyes are afraid to close

You carry a burden deep within, that no one around you knows

You're searching for answers inside your mind, unable to comprehend

The destruction of life that played out, your soul unable to mend

I called you there to be in the moment, your love was needed that day

To comfort and help, to calm the chaos, amidst the disarray

My faithful daughter you serve Me well, always accepting each task

And although I have required much from you, I now have to ask

Release your sorrow, give Me your burdens, as they are mine to bear

Allow Me to heal you, to hold you close, your heart I will repair

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