Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crafty Corners

So I would like to start posting pictures of scrapbook/craft rooms, and calling it "Crafty Corners". I love looking at others rooms and seeing different ideas, the way they organize, re-using items that I might never have thought of, or different projects that they have done.
If you would like to share your pictures, ideas, or projects please email them to me at dollanketo@yahoo.com I can post your name or keep it anonymous. Don't be afraid to share! We're all addicts in this crafty world and we need our fix!
The debut of Crafty Corners are pic's that were shared from one of my Workshop Ladies.
I visited her room and loved it!

I love the little baskets and containers that were re-used to hold items. The book shelf on the left is her prized possession. Someone close to her made it by hand. The partition in the background covers space that isnt' part of her crafty corner (Love it!). Notice the addition of the little things like an angel statue, lace curtains, and antique box that give her room that extra charm.

Here is her workspace where she stores paper in a cube with shelves, cricut, cartridges,
and ribbon. Office bins on top of the cube create an easy place to store paper also. Again,
notice the touch of detail with the antique clock, violin lamp, and pictures of loved ones.
Your scrapbook/craft room should reflect the things that bring you inspiration
and make you happy.

Here she washed out used gel air freshners and re-used them to hold brads, and small
misc. items. They add the perfect touch of cuteness with the decorative tops,
and the containers allow you to see what you need at a glance.

Here she used large and medium clothespins that were decoupaged with scrapbook
paper. She uses them as memo holders for her desk at work.

This was once a plain brown table that she purchased for 50 cents at a garage sale. She
then refurbished and decoupaged it with scrapbook paper. How cute and cheap is that?

This is another table that was purchase for super cheap. Here's the before....

and here is the after. I love it! She calls this her mail table. I love the antique feel that it has.
Please feel free to leave any comments or questions, as I know she would
love to know what you think.