Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Newest Creation

Here is my newest creation! I'm kind of in love with it :)
They are imperfect due to the surfaces of the stone, but I think that adds even more to the overall look.
I'm going to keep playing around with the design, but as of right now these will be available as coasters, wall decor, and desk decorations. The absolutely beautiful model is my youngest son Caleb...
They are available in light or dark stone. What do you think??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Projects This Past Week

I have been a busy, busy bee!! This past week I have been working on a 24x24 personalized wall clock for a beautiful family (no sneak peeks yet!), finished an invitation party for the amazing Hercamp family, and designed a desert recipe book cover for my churches wonderful women's ministry. Whew! All that on top of taking care of the kiddo's, hubby, dogs, house, and my gorgeous husband celebrated his 32nd birthday!! Life is good & I am so blessed :)

Sorry for the blurry pic, took it with my camera phone :)
Here is the recipe cover...if you are interested in purchasing a Just Dessert Recipes book please visit the SSD Women's Ministry FB page  or email Becky bbaker130@aol.com

Ever wondered what 300 pieces of cardstock looked like?
This adorable invitation was designed with the bride's theme being a Tiffany's Box. More pic's of this coming soon!!